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To Me It's Exciting

Ohhhh since when was an entire bottle of Sidekick bar one shot ever a good idea? Oh yeah, when you're drunk and jealous >.<

But enough about that... shock shock, horror horror - I've joined the gym! Little Miss "Allergic to Exercise" has joined the gym. I do it for the steam room. So easy to fall asleep in there and think of pretty people... like Ben Mansfield P:

I should really be doing my assignment, but I'm slowly getting a headache. And my housemate's family are all downstairs (I think) so I don't wanna go through to get food/water because I know it'll make me sad. I'm not seeing my Ma until February 2nd :(

I still need to go down and see mydoctortennant. Must arrange that.
AG + coffee = SEXY

The Sky Is Falling Through

Survived my first lecture of 2010! And it took some surviving, we watched Golden Girls... >.< Bad times! And my feet nearly froze off because we stood in the snow for ages bitching about who knows what. That was fun... until I felt my toes turn into ice cubes.

Been productive this weekend, despite the amount I've drunk. Checked through my assignment which I handed in today and I finished the first draft of the second episode of my script! (Which, btw, if anyone wants to read would be muchly appreciated - I need comments and such. Just poke you wanna know more.) Just got to read through the whole thing and put in a couple songs which I haven't chosen yet. I've got one which I know is either going to be "Run, Don't Walk" or "Obvious", both by Hey Monday, but I keep forgetting to actually listen when they come on. ¬.¬

Nevermind, I'll figure it out XD
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Back in Northampton and my street is uber icey. That is going to be fun on Monday morning! What's the betting I fall on my butt as I power walk to Uni?

Well, that is all I really have to say on that. May be back tonight to do a proper post. People fancy some icons? I have a few of Becker (Primeval) and a few of Juno Temple which haven't been posted yet. Any preference?
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The Princess and the Passenger

Has today been productive?

Urm... no.

I fell asleep while watching my Mock the Week DVD (bloody parcetemol!) and failed to do my half hour on WiiFit+. I just felt so meh today. Though try using that as a reason for your sister to go get you something yummy and it won't work. I asked her three times and naffink! What are sisters if not minions? XD

Have read a fair amount of The Qi Book of the Dead. Very interesting, despite being about a load of old dead dudes. Anyone read/reading/heard of it?

Oh! And I helped my step-pa play around with the recording software on his computer. I played Rule the World while he messed about with the levels or something. All I found out was that I cannot play in time with myself. Or play anything without screwing it up.

Best way to end a day like this? Goonies and chips. My head is racing with movie ideas I'll never write, but what the hell! It's fun XD
Stock nail varnish

*clock* Brrrrr!

Ahhh Mock The Week. LOVE it. Well, mostly Russell - he is yummy!!!

Saw him live at the beginning of December, he was brilliant. I have a couple pics, but there about three because my camera had no battery and he didn't stand still long enough!! Did any of you watch his Good News?
AG + coffee = SEXY

She Says, "I Gitchee Gitchee Goo You Too!" (Don't Need A Dictionary)

(Yes I am that cool, I'm listening to Phineas & Ferb!!)

I beat Dr. Caligari! Assignment is finished - all 1,002 words. Needs a check through, but that can wait until Friday. Because I say so. Which means I can relax until then!

Anyone got WiiFit+? It's so good. Even if it does combine Maths and Sport!! S'good fun, I wanna try the Segway game.

Ma is using the "smaller plate, smaller portion" logic - and completely defeated it by telling my Step-Pa to "pile it high". ¬.`

Wow, I can see the snow shadows though the condensation on the window. Pretty!

DoB epic fail lol

What If I Need You?

Oh me, oh my - I forgot how sad The Age of Steel episode is! Rose loses her Ma, her dad (again!) AND Mickey! John MacRae, what the hell happened to you to make you such a tragic person?! I think the writer's name is John anyway... Definitely MacRae, but John? Eh, *shrug*

Watched The Happening today, man it was pants. They tell you the ending half way through the film and it was the plants' fault! So pants... I told Ma we should have watched the end of Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day - it was right by the bit where Lee Pace sings and all. But noooo, we had to watch the pants film from the beginning and watch it alll. M. Night Shamylan you disappoint!

Hmm... I have an assignment to finish tomorrow. I dunna wanna write about Das Cabinet Des Dr. Caligari. S'old and boring and they're ALL crazy!! >.>
DW ...

Fic: These Final Moments

Title: These Final Moments
Author: lil' ole me
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: The Doctor, various companions
Pairings: Ten/Rose
Summary: Ten's final thoughts
A/N: This was a birthday present for mydoctortennant and it was written prior to the screebing of The End of Time Part 2 - so it is a little incorrect. But I hope you like it!

Collapse )
HF RA bob pic!

Violets Shape My Love To Despair

Guess who's bored! *waves hands like a loonatic*

I only came up to my computer to turn it off, but ended up re-reading some old posts and looking at my icons. They weren't too bad. I need to get Photoshop on my new computer, but Adobe isn't giving me a serial number! BARROWMAN! *shakes fist*

I reallyy should post here more. I have some fics I could post, even if they are based on RPG characters, and plenty of banners/icons (if I can remember which ones I haven't shown you yet.)

But anyway, hello! How are you all? Good Christmas?
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