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03 January 2010 @ 05:17 pm
Fic: These Final Moments  
Title: These Final Moments
Author: lil' ole me
Fandom: Doctor Who
Characters: The Doctor, various companions
Pairings: Ten/Rose
Summary: Ten's final thoughts
A/N: This was a birthday present for mydoctortennant and it was written prior to the screebing of The End of Time Part 2 - so it is a little incorrect. But I hope you like it!

As he lay there, dying, he let his thoughts consume him. They wandered to the last time he was in this position. Last time he hadn't been alone, like he was now. She was with him. A brief smile flickered over his lips and took a little control over where his thoughts went - he wanted to save the best 'til last. So the Doctor relived his tenth form in reverse.

There was Wilf and Donna Noble. Two lives he's ruined. Donna - he tried to stop her from remembering, but it wasn't enough. Their time together should have been forbidden in her mind - the time they saw Agatha Christie, reunited by the Adipose and, of course, her time as the Doctor Donna. And Wilf - he'd forced a man with a no-kill record to kill. But it wasn't all bad. They'd shared Christmases and adventures - and the Doctor would never forget them, even if they couldn't remember them.

Then there was Martha Jones, a doctor herself. They went to the moon and back, but he never felt the way she did. He cannot regret that, there was one who held his heart stronger than poor Martha. Still, she had a doctor of her own now - and the memories of the times they went to the past, to the future and to space. Martha was special, for she was one of the few who remembered the year that never was. And that was something they'd always have.

But there was one who he treasured more than anyone he'd met in his recent travels. More so than his clone-daughter, Jenny, who'd died in his arms. More so than Astrid Peth, the maid on the doomed Titanic. And more so than the piece of his past - The Master. And her name was Rose Tyler. The 19 year old Earth girl who'd he'd met in a previous life. She was his weakness and she was the best.

New, New York; a planet orbitting a black hole; parallel universes; London - just a few places to name where they'd been. And the Doctor was visiting them all again, with her in his memories. Despite trapping her in another world, the Doctor felt that he hadn't ruined her life - for she had him. Well, a part of him. And he felt that he had part of her with him. His tenth form had always belonged to her - and always would.

With that thought, the Doctor began to regenerate.

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